Blissful Feet Dance Studio
Our passion is your experience.

Our Studio

A Studio Designed with Passion.

The Blissful Feet Dance Studio in Duluth Georgia was designed and developed to be a productive and functional space. Our dance lessons are enhanced by a bright and blissful atmosphere, and our studio offers great features that we feel are important to the process of learning and growing.

Blissful Feet Dance Studio cares about your back and knees! For this reason we have installed a state of the art floating dance floor. This type of floor provides impact resistance, and is far better for the joints than a hard dance floor. The floating nature of the surface absorbs and lessens the impact of dancing on the joints, providing a much healthier dancing experience. Dancing can be hard on the body, and our dance studio seeks to minimize this effect to reduce the long term effects on our students during our dance lessons.

The dance studio also features a wall of full length dance mirrors to aid in the development of proper technique. We feel that watching yourself is one of the best ways to learn new moves and improve technique and style. Also, full length windows showcase a great view, and allows for natural lighting during the day. This makes the dance environment a bright and cheery atmosphere that only heightens the blissful experience. Ample parking is also provided. We don't want our students worrying about metered or paid parking.

We are very passionate about our Duluth dance studio, and have painstakingly planned and developed our studio space to provide a great experience that will have you coming back for more. Come in and experience our passion yourself. It is infectious!

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