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The safety of our dancers is a top priority for us with hand sanitizers and wipes available in the studio. Consistent disinfecting is done inside the studio as well.

To keep everyone safe;

1. We have a medical-grade air filtration system, more info here.
2. Dancers should arrive in dancewear, ready to dance. Dance shoes may be worn in the hallway.
3. Spots will be marked on the dance floor to reinforce social distancing during classes. 
4. Each dancer should bring a water bottle to class. 
5. Deep cleaning will be done daily.
6. Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer before and after their class.
7. We will be sanitizing and disinfecting In-between classes, and dancers will have assigned spots for their dance bags.
8. A mask is required to enter the studio. We have some for sale as long as supplies last.
9. Dancers must exit the studio right after class ends; No waiting in the waiting area.
10. If unwell or living with someone ill, please stay home and use the virtual option if available.
11. Masks are required when in the building. Make sure you can breathe while using the mask.
12. No more than 9 Dancers in a class.
13. Each dancer will need to sign a new release waiver, which will be available online as well.

14. Blissful Feet Staff will sanitize common surface areas periodically.

15.No hugs or congregating at the studio or in the hallway. 

Call, e-mail, or text us if you have any questions or concerns. 

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