Blissful Feet Schedule 

Fall 2020 session

*Tuesday, September 1st to Friday, December 11th*

Limited Hours Due to COVID-19

(8 dancers or less in a class)

Staggered scheduled times due to disinfecting/sanitizing in-between classes


Private Lessons

**Virtual Ballet & Tap 5-7yrs 3:50-4:20pm (both Mondays and Wednesdays)

**Virtual Jazz, Tap & Hip-Hop 8-12yrs 5-6pm

(Check virtual requirements page for additional information)


Ballet & Tap 3-4yrs 3:35-4:20pm

Ballet & Tap 5-6yrs 4:30-5:25pm

Ballet & Tap 7-9yrs 5:35-6:30pm

Company 3 Acro, Jazz & Tap 6:30-8pm



Private Lessons 3:10-4:20pm

**Virtual Ballet & Tap 5-7yrs 3:50-4:20pm(both Mondays and Wednesdays)

Ballet & Tap 4-5yrs 4:25-5:20 pm 

Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop Tweens and Teens 5:30-6:30 pm

Private Lessons 6:30-8pm


Ballet & Tap 3-4yrs 3:35-4:20pm

Jazz & Hip-hop 5-6yrs 4:30-5:25pm

Jazz & HipHop 7-9yrs 5:35-6:30pm

Company 3 6:30-7:30 pm

Company 3 Turns (taken with previous class) 7:30-8pm


Ballet & Tap 3-4yrs 3:35-4:20pm

Ballet & Tap 5-6yrs 4:30-5:25pm

Ballet & Tap 7-9yrs 5:35-6:30pm

Tweens and Teens Ballet 6:30-7:30pm

**Virtual Live Zoom Classes.


40-mins to 1 hr/week $80/month

1.5 hrs/wk $105/month

2 hrs/week $130/month

2.5 hrs/week $155/month

3 hrs/week $180/month

Privates $35 per 30 minutes.

No Registration Fee for Summer, $30 per Dance year(August-May)

10% discount for siblings, excluding the registration fee

Dancewear fees(if purchased at the studio)

$50,  One leotard, tights, and Ballet shoes

$70 One leotard, tights, Ballet Shoes, and Tap shoes

$90 One leotard, tights, Ballet, Tap shoes, and Jazz Shoes

$110 One Leotard, tights, Ballet shoes, Tap shoes, and Jazz shoes

If buying Items shoes separately

Leotard $30

Tights $11

$25 Ballet shoes

$33 Tap shoes

$40 Jazz shoes

DANCEWEAR (Sold at the studio)

 6 years and younger

Pink leotard (All dancers 6 and younger)

Pink Ballet shoes (If taking Ballet)

Nude footed tights (All dancers)

Black Jazz shoes (If taking Jazz or Hip-hop)

Black Tap shoes (if taking Tap)

 Ballet 8 years and older

Black leotard (All dancers 7 and older)

Pink Ballet shoes (If taking Ballet)

Nude footed tights (If taking Ballet)

Black Tap shoes (If taking Tap)

Black Jazz shoes (If taking Jazz or Hip-hop)


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