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Blissful Feet Dance Schedule



Ballet/Tap 4-5yrs 4:50 pm 

Ballet/Tap/Jazz-Hop 5-7yrs 5:30 pm 

Ballet/Tap/Jazz-Hop 8+yrs 6:30 pm 


Ballet/Tap 4-5yrs 5:30 pm 

Ballet/Tap/Jazz-hop 6-9yrs 6:10 pm 


Ballet/Tap 4-5yrs 4:20 pm 

Ballet/Tap/Jazz-Hop 5-7yrs 5:15 pm

Ballet/Tap/Jazz-hop 6-9 yrs 6:15 pm 

Performance Team & Competition 7:15 pm (By invitation only)


Ballet/Tap 4-5yrs 10:20 am 

Ballet/Tap/Jazz-hop 6-9yrs 11 am 

Ballet/Tap 4-5yrs 12 pm

***More options are added as classes fill up


40-minute classes for $80 per month

55-minute to 1hr classes per week, $99 per month

Each additional class is at a $30 discount 

Privates are $50 per 30 minutes.

$40 Registration Fee

10% discount for siblings, excluding the registration fee

Dance-wear pricelist

Leotard $30

Tights $11

Ballet shoes $25

Tap shoes $33/$40

Jazz shoes $40

DANCEWEAR (Sold at the studio)

 7 years and younger

Pink leotard (All dancers 7 and younger)

Pink Ballet shoes (If taking Ballet)

Nude footed tights (All dancers)

Black Jazz shoes (If taking Jazz or Hip-hop)

Black Tap shoes (If taking Tap)

 Ballet 8 years and older

Black leotard (All dancers 8 and older)

Pink Ballet shoes (If taking Ballet)

Nude footed tights (If taking Ballet)

Black Tap shoes (If taking Tap)

Black Jazz shoes (If taking Jazz)

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