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An option for parents with kids ages 4 through 6 years, not quite ready to send their kids back to a school building. 

Why pick us?

We are taking the national health issue seriously and doing all we can to provide a clean and safe environment to accommodate your needs. Temperature checks will be done at the door daily, and temperatures over 100F will not be allowed in our space.

Confidence that your child will get adequate personal attention from a caring staff member, with a small group of kids.

Exercise, stretching, and creative movement are included in our daily schedule. 

Fresh fruits and healthy snacks will be available in addition to your home-prepared meals. Your child will have fun while distantly socializing and building useful skills to thrive. 


Also, check out our air purifier here.

1250 SF open space with kids at least 6 feet apart. A medical-grade air filtration system will be used in the space as well.

We provide a clean and quiet space, wifi, and digital learning assistance.

Same COVID-19 procedures for dance, no surface sharing, and shared surfaces will be disinfected after each child.

Kids have the option to wear a mask or a face shield. **Kids will have masks on when having free time to play. They will be supervised to ensure no touching of mouths and faces, hands will be washed after free playtime. **

We will provide:

Clean nap mats and healthy snacks.

Parents provide:

Daily meal(s)

Favorite toy if it can be sanitized

A blanket

2 outfits and underwear

A computer


*School requirements and instruction for online learning*

Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 3pm.

Price, $220/week, $100 Set up fee. 

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