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Why Choose us?


Here at Blissful Feet Dance Studio, we believe dancing is much more than just another activity or art form. It’s about connection. It’s about relationships. It’s about beauty. It’s about overcoming challenges and becoming the very best dancer - and person - one can be.


We’ve created a positive and nurturing environment that will take your dancer to new levels of greatness - both in dance and life itself. Here they’ll get the proper guidance and dancing education they’ll need to succeed while also making amazing friendships and memories at the same time.


The unique skills your dancer will master here at Blissful Feet Dance Studio has the potential to open doors to numerous dancing opportunities, both now and in the future. Because when it comes to the world of dance, the possibilities are truly endless.


Dance can have a tremendous positive impact on human emotions, the mind and body, personal relationships, self-confidence, creativity, and even one’s own career path. While dancing can bring forth a tremendous amount of joy, it can also be very challenging. These kinds of challenges not only build character and instill confidence, but dance also teaches perseverance. These benefits can help create a solid foundation for a great life ahead for any growing child.


All of us here at Blissful Feet Dance Studio want you to share in our love and passion for dance with us. Come have some fun. Learn the art of dance; create genuine friendships; be part of a supportive community. And most of all, become part of our loving family that actually cares about the total well-being of all our dancers and their respected families.

Let's see if we are a good fit for you. Book your trial today 



If you're convinced, we are glad you have decided to join the family

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